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I’m Meghan, a Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist, Certified Recovery Peer Advocate, Certified Addiction Recovery Coach and a Harm Reductionist. In these roles I’ve been supporting individuals examining their relationships with wellness since 2012 in diverse landscapes: hospitals, jails, schools, communities, private sector, Government Agencies, Non-profits and virtually. 

As a Trainer/Consultant & Advocate of Peer Support and Harm Reduction, I’m committed to treating all humans with radical compassion and ending the racist War On Drugs. I love opportunities to teach people Overdose Prevention beyond Narcan and ways to support people who use drugs without the use of outdated and harmful punitive approaches.

My own process of wellness has led me to get curious about ancestral knowledge and the rhythms of nature. As a Certified Wild Mushroom Forager I enjoy sharing that knowledge, helping others to cultivate their sense of wonder for the earth and the healing available in wild spaces. Thanks so much for taking the time to learn more about me!



Subject Matter Expert in the areas of Peer Support, Overdose Prevention, Opioid Crisis strategies, Harm Reduction, Medicated Assisted Recovery (MAT, MAR, MOUDD), Digital Support, Meeting Facilitation, Resource Building, Rural Communities, Family Support.


Experienced public speaker available for panels, conferences, events, schools, podcasts and other media platforms,


Developing dynamic learning experiences for agencies, community orgs, non-profits, private sector, spiritual communities and anyone looking to improve the way they help/support people looking to change or improve their relationship with substances/mental health.

Foraging/Guided Hiking

As a Certified Wild Mushroom Forager and experienced hiker I love sharing my curiosity of wild spaces, cultivating a sense of wonder, wellbeing and connection. The ability to harvest free, healthy fungi/plants promotes resilience and fosters self-efficacy.


Sober Company Podcast

Sober Company Podcast-Harm Reduction With Meghan Hetfield

Nik and Lacey speak to Meghan Hetfield, a Harm Reductionist, Peer Recovery Support Specialist and Certified Recovery Peer Advocate. They talk about what Harm Reduction looks like in practice, how they’ve used it in their own recovery and how abstinence isn’t always the goal for everyone. Meghan also talks about Harm Reduction Works and what people can expect at their meetings.

No Thanks But Yes Podcast (video)

No Thanks But Yes S1:E6 Meghan Hetfield – You’re Not Doing It Wrong

Meghan Hetfield is pretty freaking awesome. She’s a recovery coach, harm reductionist, and mushroom afficianado. At the intersection of harm reduction & recovery, she’s an important voice today, and she does such strong work with WEconnect Health Management.

This is Not a Handout

This Is Not A Handout Podcast-Drug Addiction & Harm Reduction

Host Sammy Ross and guest Meghan Hetfield discuss the topic of Harm Reduction.  Drugs, whether legal or illegal, have been around for centuries.  Whether they have been used for medicinal purposes, recreational, or even ritual, people all over the world have been partaking in drugs throughout history.  On this episode, we’ll take a look at how we’ve viewed drugs, from the infamous War on Drugs, to Portugal’s full decriminalization, to our current Opioid Crisis.  We’ll explain Harm Reduction, and why it might just be the best way forward.

C4 Innovations Podcast-Meeting People Who Use Drugs Where They Are

Changing The Conversations Podcast-Meeting People Who Use Drugs Where They Are

Meghan Hetfield and Jarmichael Harris share harm reduction approaches to supporting people who use drugs in improving their quality of life with host Kristen Harper.

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